May 25, 2012

Tour Excitement Heating Up

We’re less than 3 weeks out from the first date on Holly McGarry’s Ill Defined Lines Tour, and we are very excited. We’ll be 6 or 7 folks in the van, including our kids who will, by then, be ages 6 and 4. It will be an exciting time for us, and for you as we post updates, videos, etc, of the antics that will undoubtedly ensue as we spend a couple weeks living on the road.

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There are a variety of other tools and services that we use to share fun stuff, but those mostly will end up on one of the 3 above as well, so you should be covered there.

And if you have spare floor space and a propensity for welcome transient musicians into your home, check out this post and let us know.

See you on the road!

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