August 15, 2012

Production Fun

Throughout the summer, we have been spending lots of time with Holly McGarry and Josh Hedlund to record their incredible music.  Holly’s record, Ill-Defined Lines, and Josh’s EP, I Was Home Yesterday, are both finished now and and available at their respective shows.  The process of recording with these two talented individuals has been interesting and exciting.  There’s something about the process of capturing moments in music that transcends the mechanics of putting sound on tape (or hard drive, as it were).

Each individual involved practices their moves, hones their craft, and at the end of the day does the best they can to create a series of moments that will inspire and move their listeners.  But these moments aren’t just about rhythm and notes, they are about the experience a listener has while listening to the record.

In the end, each listener has to decide for themselves whether the moments captured are timeless; moments that inspire.  But for myself, I am convinced that what Josh and Holly were able to accomplish on their records is both inspiring and timeless.  Find them at their shows or reach out to them at their respective online homes ( and, get the records, and decide for yourself.

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