April 30, 2013

Family Van Tour 2013

In less than 3 weeks we’ll pile 7 people into a Honda Odyssey, load all necessary gear into our trailer, and hit the road.  The lineup for the Family Van Tour will include Cedar & Boyer, Holly McGarry, and Josh Hedlund.  There is little that sounds as exciting as spending 2 weeks on the road, with great people playing great music.  Once again we’ll be joined by Ani and Miles, our (Jen & Justin) two kids.

Check out our shows page a full listing of where we’ll be.  Between May 12th and 28th, we’re playing 14 shows in as many cities.

As always, you can keep up with us by following us on the Twitter, the Facebook, and our email list (sign up on the home page).

Below are some photos and videos from last summer’s Ill-Defined Lines Tour.

Holly doing a fireside rendition of My Dear

Trailer decoration with Shook Twins and friends in Portland, OR

Us backing Ryan Townsend on his song ‘Go There With You’

Ani dancing to River Valley Mud in Arcata, CA

From ‘old school’ to ‘old time’









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