August 5, 2013

Magical Musical Experience

If you have never been to a house show, it’s going to be hard to express how magical these experiences can be.  Basically, you take amazing music, lovely people, and put it into a small, personal space.

We have played, produced and attended quite a few house shows and have never been disapointed.  Here’s a post about a show we put on with Jacob Butcher, Holly McGarry, and Marshall McLean. And as great as living room shows are, we discovered last year that being outside  in Sandpoint in the summer pushes the experience to a whole new level.

So, on Saturday, August 24th, we’re going to get an early start on the day and transform this:

into this:

The photos above are from last year’s house show.  Here’s a post about it with some videos.

The lineup this year includes Anna and the Underbelly, us, and Mama Doll.

If you’re unfamiliar with Anna and the Underbelly, here’s an excerpt from this post on

Anna Tivel (recording with her band as Anna and the Underbelly) brings a raft of beautiful songs with brine-soaked images of Pacific Northwest tidepools, oceans, and the birds that wheel above them in the gray skies. Her gentle, fragile voice sounds a bit like Laura Veirs, and brings to mind the same effortless folk phrasing and soft inflections of Veirs’ best work.

As for Mama Doll, they made their live debut as Sarah and Austen at our house show with Chris Staples a few months ago.  In June, they had two of their original tunes, Crow Song and Rumors featured on Collect and the videos have garnered over 1000 views each in just over a month.  They have also added depth to their sound, with our own Jen Landis joining them on bass!

The show will be held in our backyard.  We’re asking for an $8 cover so that we can pay the artists at least a small fraction of what their performances are worth.  If that’s prohibitively steep for you, come anyway and give what you can (financially or barter-style).  Of course, additional donations are accepted as well.

Bring whatever you like to eat or drink and maybe a blanket or chair to sit on.

We are VERY excited about sharing this evening together.  Please contact us via Facebook or our contact page for more information.


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